Physiotherapy Cost Calculator

Physiotherapy Cost Calculator


At, we are committed to simplifying your healthcare journey. We understand that navigating the costs associated with physiotherapy can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest tool: the Physiotherapy Cost Calculator. Our Physiotherapy Cost Calculator empowers you to obtain a fast and easy estimation of physiotherapy costs within seconds. It is based on costs from professional physiotherapists in South Africa giving you access to reliable cost estimations.


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Benefits of Using Our Physiotherapy Cost Calculator:

  • Instant Estimations: Our Physiotherapy Cost Calculator provides instant estimations, saving you time and hassle.
  • Transparency: Our tool gives you full visibility into physiotherapy expenses, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Customization: Tailored estimations based on session duration, treatment type, and location.
  • Empowerment: Take control of your healthcare journey with the knowledge to make confident decisions.


Physiotherapy Costs from Professional Physiotherapists


Carmen Britz Physio

At Carmen Britz Physio, both medical aid and private payment options are available to accommodate patients’ financial preferences and circumstances. physiotherapy rates are structured as follows:

Medical Aid Payments:

  • Medical aid payments are accepted, with accounts submitted to the medical aid scheme on behalf of the patient.
  • Medical aid rates are charged, varying according to each condition and treatment.
  • Patients are responsible for fees not covered by their medical aid scheme.

Private Payments:

  • Fixed cash prices are available for private clients or those without physiotherapy out-of-hospital benefits.
  • Payment methods include card or EFT.
  • Pricing for sessions:
    • Initial Consultation (60 min): R850
    • Follow-Up Consultation (60 min): R800
    • Budget Follow-Up Consultation (for simple conditions only, 30 min): R500


WP Physio in Cape Town

Physiotherapy sessions at WP Physio in Cape Town cost R750 per session. The practice accepts medical aid payments but notes that fees may exceed insured benefits. Payment can be made in cash, card, or via EFT on the treatment date. Non-medical aid patients are accepted on a cash basis. Tariffs vary based on injury and treatment type, with fixed cash prices available for uninsured patients. WP Physio utilizes Partners4Life management solutions for medical aid payments.

Sports massage sessions range from R350 to R550, with options for 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute sessions. Payment is required before treatment begins, and attire suitable for massage is recommended. Cash or EFT payments are accepted.

Pilates sessions are priced at R350 per session, with appointments required for attendance. An initial assessment is mandatory before joining group classes. Cash or EFT payments are accepted prior to class.

WP Physios@Home offers physiotherapy sessions at R950 per session, with medical aid rates applicable for medical aid customers. Cash, card facilities, and EFT payments are accepted.


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